The Ground, The Ground, The Ground

Let me begin with five observations: 1) the essence of a mirror is not that you can see yourself in it, but that you cannot see behind it; 2) the exemplary medium, the queen of all media, is therefore the thermos, understood as an internally mirrored container; 3) thermoses preserve differences across distances by insuring that their contents stave off thermal equilibrium for short periods of time; 4) but they only do so at the expense of not just binding the contents to the container, but also blinding the contents to whatever surrounds the container; 5) if you want to survive your first night in Minecraft, and not get eaten by some creep, the simplest strategy is to dig down your own height (plus one) in distance, and then put a block above you. See Figure 1. In some sense, you trade your ability to sense and move in exchange for about 10 minutes of time. Like the contents of a thermos, you buy yourself a 'night' by allowing yourself to be blinded and bound.

With these observations in mind, I thought I would define archeology in a relatively broad way...